You are RUMU – a robot designed to clean, and to love.

You awake in a fully automated Smart Home. Your only companions are Sabrina, the house AI and watchful guide, and the home’s dysfunctional cast of semi-intelligent devices.

(And Ada, the cat.)

It’s your job to keep the home spotless, cleaning up after your eccentric creators David and Cecily.

When something draws you away from your home maintenance duties and into the hidden passageways and long forgotten rooms of the house, you’ll be faced with challenging moral dilemmas forcing you beyond your programming to uncover the truth about the love and loss of your elusive family.


Ally is the Gamerunner at Robot House. She oversees development and takes a hands-on creative leadership role in all projects.

On Rumu, Ally worked one on one with the development team, Game Director, Creative Director and writer to shape the narrative adventure game through from pitch to final release. Ally was hands-on with the script, environment art, game design and performance direction, and executed the entire marketing and PR plan.

Rumu has received rave reviews from both media and players, with a 9/10 Steam user rating.

“Rumu successfully splits the difference between genre fiction flash and the emotional explorations of, say, Gone Home. It combines the deft touch of Town of Light with traditional RPG puzzles. It even has some notable nods to arcade games. In short: it’s a game for partisans on all sides of the videogame debates to sit down for a Christmastime truce with.”

“A fascinating look into emotional manipulation, familial relationships, and ultimately, loneliness.”

“Rumu is as charming as games can get. Not only does the game look and sound amazing, the writing is brilliant.”
Kotaku Australia

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